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Here's answers to some of the frequently asked questions I get about the site!

1. What is this site?

Ever been walking down Main Street at Disneyland and wondered what music that was that they were playing in the background? This is the place to find out! It's a collection of information about each of those "area music loops," also known as background music (BGM) or queue loops. Please note that this is not a place to download this music, nor will it ever be. It is simply an information resource.

2. Why do you use different terms for the same thing?

I've tried to call them by different names, depending on the situation in which they're used, to help describe where they're played. In general I've tried to use the term "area loop" for music that is used over a wide area, such as Main Street or Fantasyland. "Background music," or BGM for short, is the term I've used for music that is played in a store/restraunt/etc. "Queue music" is music that is played in the waiting area for an attraction. Those are just the general definitions I've tried to stick to, although it's really a matter of splitting hairs. ;)

3. Can you please post the information on the music loop for _________?

I'd love to... as soon as I get it! The vast majority of the information on this site comes from helpful e-mails from readers. If I have the information, I post it. So, if it's not here, I don't have it, sorry.

4. Can you post/e-mail/etc. an mp3 of the _________ loop?

Unfortunately, no. This site is only for information on the loops. I do not have the webspace to upload such large mp3s. Even if I did, I would not post them out of respect for copyrights. For tracks that have been commercially released, there are links to purchase the CDs in question.

5. Where can I find the Walt Disney World Forever/Disneyland Forever CDs?

These CDs were part of a kiosk system in place several years back in the theme parks. At these kiosks, guests could purchase a CD comprised of the tracks they chose, from a wide selection of park sounds. Unfortunately, this kiosk system was discountinued quite awhile ago. Your best bet is to keep an eye out for them on eBay, but be aware that some of those CDs are not originals, but rather copies burned by the sellers. For more information on the tracks that were available, check out the resources on the links page.

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