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Partial Loops

Here are some of the music loops I'm currently working on! These are imcomplete, and I can always use help in determining track names, artists, the order of tracks, dates, etc. If you have any information that might help, please send it my way at!!

WDW Fantasyland Character Festival
Poor Unfortunate Souls  (4:49)
Mine Mine Mine   (3:06)
The Elegant Captain Hook
Phony King of England
Never Smile at a Crocodile  (1:45)
(all of the above are original film versions... what order are they in?)

DAK Boat Dock
EPCOT's UK (indoor character greeting area)
MK Tootntown Hall fo Fame Hundred Acre Wood Room
-Plays "Take My Hand" CD... different track order than CD?

Animal Kingdom Lodge (late 2002 - late April 2004)
The following tracks are part of the loop.  Lots of blank to fill in here!!
6 - Oumou Sangare - "Sabu"
18 - Oumou Sangare - "N'Diya Ni"
19 - Oumou Sangare - "N'Guatu"
Oumou Sangare - "Saa Magni"?
(the above 4 from the album "Worotan")

Animal Kingdom Lodge (late April 2004-present)
Oumou Sangare - "Worotan"?

WDW Agrabah Bazaar Area Music
Some tracks are from the "Exotic Belly Dancing" CD by the Farah Dance Orchestra:
I know that these tracks are part of the loop:
-Ali Bali
-Ya Mit Massa
-Fayek Lamkinna
-Dabke Noverieu
Are there more tracks than that?  What order are all the tracks in?

WDW Boardwalk Resort Area Music
Some tracks by Royal Crown Revue (, mainly from the CD Mugsy's Move.

WDW MK Entrance Loop 2005
Known tracks include:
-Colors of the Wind
-It's a Small World (DLP)
-Yo Ho (hornpipe)
-Heigh Ho (same as previous loop)
-Black Little Rain Cloud
-You've Got a Friend in Me
-Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (same as DL's entrance loop version)
What are the others?  What order are they in?

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