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Coral Reef Restaurant BGM

Dates: January 15, 1986 - present
Total Run Time:

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 Albumblatt Salon Orchestra
2 Carnaval des Animaux André Previn
3 Concerto without Tempo Trevor Pinnock
4 Fantastie La Bohème Salon Orchestra
5 La Mer Leonard Slatkin
6 La Notte James Galway
7 Piano Sonatas Murray Perahia
8 The Planets André Previn
9 Tempest James Galway
10 Tintagel Bryden Thomson
11 Water Music Trevor Pinnock
12 Water Music André Previn
13 Water Music Reinhard Goebel

NOTE: Songs are listed in alphabetical order, not order heard. If you know the order of the songs, please let me know! Also, the lists given out by guest relations state that Coral Reef Restaurant actually uses original compositions by Russell Brower... does anyone know which is actually correct??

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