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Great Movie Ride Area Music

Dates: 2000-present
Total Run Time: 59:10

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
2 Oklahoma! Medley
3 Gone With the Wind Theme 4:09 Max Steiner Gone With The Wind: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
4 Mission: Impossible Theme 3:28 Danny Elfman Mission: Impossible - Music From The Original Motion Picture Score
ORMission Impossible Theme Lalo Schifrin Music From Mission: Impossible
5 The Sound of Music Medley
6 Superman Theme 4:27 John Williams Superman: The Movie - Original Sound Track
7 Dr. Zhivago Theme Maurice Jarr Doctor Zhivago: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
8 Singing in the Rain
9 Lawrence of Arabia Theme
10 My Fair Lady Medley
11 The Trolley Song
12 James Bond Theme
13 Harry Potter's Wonderous World Theme
14 Air Force One Theme
15 Shakespeare in Love Theme
16 New York New York
17 How the West Was Won Alfred Newman How The West Was Won: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
18 Captain Blood Theme

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