Welcome to the Disney Music Loops website, dedicated to the area music heard in all of the Disney theme parks! I am always looking for new loops to add, so if you have any that are not listed, or have any corrections or additions, please send them this way! Any blank spaces on each page is just something I don't know... so help fill them in! :)

Any tracks that are currently available for purchase at amazon.com or iTunes are linked to. Please note that some versions may not be exactly the same, especially since Disney often edits the tracks for use in the loop. Also, for out-of-print CDs you can try eBay.

Last Updated September 10, 2005

Total number of music loops currently listed: 161

Resort Music Loops
Disneyland Resort - 47 loops
Walt Disney World Resort - 84 loops
Tokyo Disneyland Resort - 23 loops
Disneyland Resort Paris - 7 loops

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