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Taste Pilot's Grill BGM

Dates: 2001-present
Total Run Time: 1:12:42

Track Title Time Artist CD iTunes
1 Fly Like An Eagle Steve Miller Band Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits 1974-1978
2 Destination Moon Dinah Washington
3 Rocket Man Elton John Elton John - Greatest Hits 1970-2002 Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long, Long Time)
4 Flight of the Bumble Bee Rimsky Korsakov Rimsky-Korsakov: Greatest Hits
5 Airplane Blues Lightnin' Blues Bullfrog Blues
6 Fly, Robin, Fly Silver Convention 54, Volume 2
7 Leaving on a Jet Plane John Denver The Rocky Mountain Collection Leaving on a Jet Plane
8 Eight Miles High Leo Kottke The Leo Kottke Anthology
9 Come Fly With Me Frank Sinatra The Very Best of Frank Sinatra Come Fly With Me
10 Airplane Beach Boys Good Vibrations
11 Airline Amy Weird Al Yankovich Off the Deep End
12 Straighten Up and Fly Right Andrews Sisters V-Disc Recordings Straighten Up and Fly Right
13 Jet Airliner Steve Miller Band Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits 1974-1978
14 Thus Spake Zarathustra (2001) Strauss 2001: A Space Odyssey - Original Motion Picture Sountrack (1996 Reissue)
15 Major Tom (Coming Home) Peter Schilling Living In Oblivion : The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 5
16 Free Bird (Acoustic Reprise) Lynard Skynard
17 Space Cowboy Steve Miller Band Anthology
18 Airplane Indigo Girls Rites of Passage [Bonus Tracks] Airplane
19 Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer The Song Spinners Songs That Got Us Through WW2
20 Space Oddity (Ground Control to M. Tom) David Bowie Best of Bowie Space Oddity
21 Airplane Song Royal Guardsmen Anthology

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