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Space Mountain Area Music

Total Run Time:

Track Title Time Artist CD iTunes
1 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 2:51
2 Boomerang Love 5:19
3 Cowboy Man 2:51
4 Give Me Your Heart 3:54
5 A Fool in Love 4:09
6 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 2:38
7 Among the Clouds 8:34 John Williams
8 Follow Me 1:14 John Williams
9 Pete in Heaven 6:41 John Williams
10 Saying Goodbye 3:13 John Williams Escape / Chase / Saying Goodbye
11 Pete and Dorinda 3:18 John Williams
12 The Return 2:29 John Williams
13 The Rescue Operation 5:14 John Williams
14 Seeing Dorinda 3:33 John Williams
15 Intimate Conversation 1:26 John Williams
16 Promise to Hap 2:29 John Williams
17 The Old Timer's Shack 4:52 John Williams
18 Dorinda Solo Flight 3:16 John Williams

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