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Main Street AM Area Music

Total Run Time:

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 Good Old Timers
3 Birdbrain Rag
4 Delmonica Polka
5 Flitterin
6 Beautiful Beulah
7 Clef Club No. 1
8 Train Ride
9 Goodbye My Coney Island Baby
10 Let's Have a Drink on It
11 Mary's A Grand Ol' Name
12 Let's All Be American Now
13 Atlantic City
14 Clef Club No. 2
15 I Could Love a Million Girls
16 Yankee Doodle Dandy
17 Banana Peel Rag
18 Aviation Rag
19 Old Timers Waltz Medley
20 Fortuosity
21 Made In America
22 Dynamite Rag
23 Kentucky Home
24 Bring Me Back My Ever Lovin' Honey Boy
25 Goodbye Broadway, Hello France

NOTE: Some of the above tracks have the same names as US park Main St. tracks. Does anyone know if they are actually the exact same tracks?

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