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Mediterranean Harbor Area Music

Total Run Time:

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 The Village Dance International Folk Dance Mixer
2 Amore Forever
3 Evening In Venice
4 Salti Sara Eleo
5 Venetian Sunset
6 Tarrant Lella
7 Kim's Waltz
8 Afternoon in Venice
9 Tarantella Respighi: Boutique fantasque P120; Britten: Soirées Musicales Op9
10 Napolitan Evening
11 Venetian Gondola Song
12 Danza di via Reggia
13 Serenade di Napoli
14 Lido Loveliness
15 Bella Portofina
16 Oompa Oompa
17 Ghandola
18 Romanza
19 Festival di Pario
20 Romantic Roma
21 Margina
22 Canal Grande Notturno Di Venezia
23 Dav's Lamento
24 Gondola III
25 Gondola II

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