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Well, the site's broken 25,000 hits! Hooray! I started to get a bit tired of the old color scheme, so I gave the site a little facelift. Faced with the daunting task of reformatting close to 200 pages of material, I finally joined the 21st century and used an HTML editor to do it all as a batch job. As such, if you find any errors on the pages (ones still with the old color scheme, or code out of place, etc.) please let me know! Also, I'm sure that I'm not the only one annoyed by of all the ads that Tripod places on pages, so I'm in the process of moving the site to a new server, and get a domain name for it. So if you come to the site anytime soon and get a redirect, be glad, for we will be free of the pop-up tyranny! ;) Okay, on to the updates!
-Added more details to DCA's Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (e-mail from Gustavo)
-Added a listing for DLRP's Frontierland Area Loop (e-mail from CÚdric)

Well, the big 50th has arrived! I was fortunate enough to be in Disneyland Park on July 17th, and it was hands-down the most amazing day I've ever had there. Thank you to anyone reading this who was in the park that day, for making it great! Okay, on to the updates!
-Added/corrected some info on the Condor Flats loop ( post by Dr. Know)
-Added one more track to the DCA Animation Building loop ( post by MrSmee)
-Added the current WDW Magic Kingdom entrance loop (e-mail from King Crab)
-Added the current DL Tomorrowland loop (e-mail from King Crab)
-Added WDW/DL Forever CD notes to the FAQ page
-The carousel at Disneyland seems to have a new loop. It sounds very similar to the music played at WDW's carousel, however I have heard music from Toy Story playing at DL's carousel, so it's not exactly the same.

Got another update here! I think there was another list or two that came up on message boards, but now I can't find them again. Arg! Anyways, here is is:
-Added some of the tracks for the 2003 WDW Tomorrowland loop (e-mail from King Crab)
-Added iTunes links for various lists (e-mail from Cynde)
-Added the listing for DCA's Animation Building Lobby ( post by MrSmee)

The end of the semester is upon me! Finally! My apologies to anyone whom I haven't had a chance to e-mail back lately. I've saved all of your e-mails, though, and they should be included in this update! If they're not, I apologize and humbly ask if you can send them again. And we've finally begun the big 50th celebration! I was in Disneyland on May 5, and that was an amazing sight. In celebration, I have a nice little update for everyone. Here's a rundown of the changes, with much thanks to the respective contributors!
-Added the 1971-2004 Small World queue loop for WDW (e-mail from King Crab)
-Added the end date for Epcot's The Land interior loop (various board posts)
-Added bits of MK's new entrance loop to the partial loops page (e-mail from John and posts from GrizzlyHall)
-Added a bit of info on the current WDW Tomorrowland loop (e-mail from Kristen)
-Added two songs to AK's Dinoland loop (e-mail from Mary)
-Finished off the new Illuminations Pre-Show music (e-mail from Jeremy)
-The Main Street Opera House at DL now has a loop, so any details on that would be great!

First off, I apologize for the long delay between updates! Real life once again gets in the way. But I have plenty of updates for everyone tonight! First off, an e-mail from Doug adds another possibility to part of the Epcot World Showcase Christmas Loop. KingCrab also filled in a of hole on the TDL and Disneyland Toontown loops. Dkrfla let me know that the current WDW Frontierland loop is the same as DL's Big Thunder Barbeque loop. Blm07 also filled in the correct order for the World of Motion queue loop. (As a side note, be sure to check out the page here for tons of great info on the World of Motion audio!!) Eddie also did some detective work and tracked down some of the tracks in the Animal Kingdom Discovery Island area loop. And thanks to some hunting by TTiiMM, we now have filled in most of the info on the California Adventure Farmer's Market area music! A couple of additional e-mails also clarified the entrance music from WDW's Magic Kingdom, as well as provided the listing for Epcot's Land Exterior loop. Thank you again for all the great e-mails, and sorry for the delay!

Got a small quick update today! I added a couple of small bits to the World Showcase Christmas loop, thanks to an e-mail from Doug. I also added the playlist for the nightly Pleasure Island Explosion Dancers New Years' Eve show, thanks to a great e-mail from Elijah! An admin note here: if you've sent me an e-mail recently and I haven't responded, I apologize. My e-mail has been wigging out lately, and won't send the e-mails I write. I'm working on getting that one fixed. Also, if you send me an e-mail, please make sure to put something about the site in the subject line. I sift through my e-mails by sender/subject and weed out all the spam, and I don't want to accidentally miss an email from any of the site's readers. Thanks, and enjoy!

Made a few Christmas loops corrections/additions today! I edited the Main Street loops for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland slightly, as well as added a couple of CD releases for tracks on the Epcot World Showcase Christmas loop. Thanks to Chris for another great e-mail!! And thanks to everyone out there for bringing this site past 15,000 hits!

Thanks to an e-mail from Jeremy, I've added the information on WDW's Pirates of the Caribbean area loop! There's one to scratch off the partials list! :)

Greetings from 2005! A quick update today, I added two new loops for the Disneyland Resort: the Ariel's Grotto BGM listing, and a partial listing for the Plaza Inn Character Breakfast BGM, all thanks to a great e-mail from Chris. And with that, we're up to 150 loops listed! Thanks, everyone! :)

Wow, sorry it's been awhile since the last update! I hit the end-of-the-semester crunch at school and the holiday rush at work. Hope everyone's having a happy holiday season! Got a few updates to add in today! Thanks to an e-mail from Lannie, I added some information to the Main Street Christmas loop, as well as a couple of correstions thanks to an e-mail from Chris! The Epcot Lights of Winter loop got a lot more information, thanks to e-mails from Scott and Rachelle! The Epcot World Showcase loop is also nearly complete now, thanks to a LOT of great detective work by Chris, and also some input by Tom! Finaly, by request I've added the Illuminations Post-Show music information to the site. :) Thanks for the wonderful information everyone, and keep it coming! Have a happy new year!

Got another quick update here, with a couple of e-mails I received late yesterday and this morning! I added a bit of info about the WDW Boardwalk loop to the partials page, with an artist/CD identification thanks to Aaron! Also, I moved the Epcot Christmas loop into the World Showcase section, thanks to Randy for the info! I've been meaning to do this for awhile, so I figure now is as good a time as any to add it in. I've posted a short FAQ page, in response to a growing number of e-mail requests. I've also set up an updates mailing list on Yahoo, so y'all can keep up with the additions!

Well, I had a happy surprise when I opened my e-mail this morning! Al Lutz of did some wonderful detective work, and filled in the blanks on the Main Street Christmas Loop! Many thanks to him for the help! I got a bit more to add this afternoon (the old Main Street Loop!) but I'm late for class - gotta run!

Part B - just added in the new DLR Main Street 1971-1992 loop, as promised, thanks to Galop for the info! Also, thanks to an e-mail from Eddie, I've added in the CD information for the DLR Frontierland Entrance loop. Lastly, thanks to the link from MiceAge this morning, this site has finally surpassed 10,000 hits... thanks, everyone!!

Well, this site has reached its first anniversary, and with well over 9,000 hits!! Thanks to everyone who's supported the site and sent in information - that's where the vast majority of info from the site comes from! I've got another update today! I moved the EPCOT Christmas Loop to its own page (it was previously in the Partials page) thanks to an e-mail from Richard helping to fill in some blanks! I currently have it in Misc. EPCOT loops, because I'm not sure where exactly it was played. Second, thanks to a GREAT post from sds910 on the boards, I've added the ABC Commissary Area Loop for DIsney-MGM Studios! Enjoy... and thanks again, everyone!!

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