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Most current updates available here

Well, we're coming up on the site's one year anniversary, and I'm hoping to have the archive completely caught up by then, with everything I promised! To that end, I've finished many of the WDW iTunes links. I've added all of them from Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom. Also, had one artist correction to the Tower of Terror loop, much thanks to Andy of Radio Buena Vista!

Added the iTunes links for TDLR, and added a couple of CDs I found in the process! Keep your eyes out for the WDW iTunes links still to come!

Well, I'm finally making good on an old promise - iTunes links are finally here! I've put up all the links I could find for the DLR and DLRP loops. WDW and TDLR are on the way!

Sorry it took awhile to get this update out! Between work and school, life's been a bit crazy. Anyways, lots of stuff updated! First, thanks to more e-mails from KingCrab, I've added more CD releases (mainly the DL and WDW Forever systems) to the Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland Toontown loops, WDW Magic Kingdom Entrance loop, DL Main Street loop, DL Main Entrance Plaza loops from 2001 and 2004, Fantasyland Band Organ BGM loop, and World of Motion Queue loop. Thanks to the Taylors, I added a CD release to the Wonders of Life loop. Another helpful e-mail from Michael has track names for much of the EPCOT American Adventure looop - anyone who can help fill those gaps in, feel free! Thanks to Chris, the Illuminations loop dates have been added. And last but definitely not least, with a huge thanks to luckyeye13 over at the WDWMagic forums, we now have most of the new Illuminations loop!! Thanks for the detective work!!!

Lots to update today, all thanks to a lot of very helpful e-mails (and some hard work!) from KingCrab! First off, the Fantasy Faire/Mickey's Philharmagic queue loop is now up in the WDW Fantasyland section! Also added are the WDW Winnie the Pooh queue loop (same as DL's) as well as the DL Muppet Vision Lobby BGM (same as WDW's). Corrections/additions were also made to the DL and TDLR Toontown loops (the same in both parks) and the WDW Mad Tea Party loop. A huge thank you again, for all those great e-mails!! Enjoy!

8/1/04 - Part 2!!
Okay, after much tedious typing, I think I've got things cleaned up a bit behind the scenes. If you notice any broken links, please let me know! Also, I added a couple of the Partials List loops to the regular loops. Now added are the WDW Tom Sawyer Island BGM (thanks for Michael for helping finish that one!) and the current Disneyland Main Entrance Area Music. I also added a little information on the WDW Agrabah Bazaar area music to the Partials List, so any further information there is greatly appreciated!

Got another update today! First of all, six TDLR loops have been removed by request of the webmaster who originally posted them. Thanks to an e-mail and a lot of hard work from Michael, I've posted a lot of detail on the MK Hall of Presidents loop. This is all pure speculation, so if anyone can confirm or deny any of the info, please let me know!! I've added bits of the most recent WDW Tomorrowland loops thanks again to dw! Also thanks to e-mails from dw, we now have the old World of Motion Queue loop from EPCOT, and have filled in almost all of the details on the Wonders of Life loop! As you've probably noticed, I'm playing with the site layout a little bit. Also, I will be moving some files around behind the scenes over the next couple of days, so if you find any broken links, please try back a little later. Thanks for all the information everyone, and please keep it coming!

Just got back from a day at Disneyland, and I sat down with some dinner and wrote down the new Hollywood Pictures Backlot loop, so that's up now. Enjoy!

Another small update - it's been awhile! Not too much to add. I added a couple of CD releases on the Food Rocks queue loop, and a few links to the great Omnimusic site on the Wonders of Life loop, all thanks to helpful e-mails from blm07!! Thanks for over 4,000 hits, and keep that great info coming!

Tiny update here. Most of the info on the Animation Courtyard loop has now been filled in thanks to dw!

Just added a brand new loop today, the Old Key West loop! Also, a couple of edits to the Sunset Boulevard and Tower or Terror loops. All those additions thank to more helpful e-mails from Frank! I have more to add after work tonight... Okay, update part deux! I added the Off the Page BGM loop to DCA's Hollywood Pictures Backlot, thanks to X-S Tech over at! Also, I updated the Animal Kingdom Lodge loops on the partials page, thanks to some very helpful detective work by Mike and Jay over at! Finally, I added my own listing for the Animation Courtyard area loop from Disney-MGM Studios. Enjoy, and keep those e-mails coming!

Finally, we have a lead on the current Animal Kingdom Lodge music! Thanks to Mike over at, we have a few tracks identified. They're listed on the partial loops list - so if anyone can help fill in the blanks, please drop me an e-mail! :) Also, I noticed that I forgot to add the link to the old 2002 Animal Kingdom Lodge loop page - sorry!! That is fixed now. And a new loop! Hooray! As promised, I have posted what I've figured out of the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area loop. There are some gaps still, and I left off a lot of CD links since so many of the movie/TV themes seemed slightly different than on the CD, or I didn't know if that exact track was on the CD. Any details that anyone can fill in would be appreciated!

Got a few new additions for ya today! Track times and order were added to the WDW Tower of Terror loop, thanks to April! And I added three new loops to the site, for the DL Winnie the Pooh queue, and DLP's Main Street AM and PM loops, thanks to Brian! Enjoy!

Mini-update! Apparently the Main Entrance Music at Disneyland has changed slightly, with the addition of a couple of new songs. However, it is unknown is any songs have been removed... if anyone has more information, please lete me know! I've added the loop to the Partial loop list for now, until the actual listing is a bit more conclusive. So shameless plug time! Stop by the partials list and see if you can help fill in any gaps! ;) Thanks very much to X-S Tech for the heads up!

Yes! There is finally an update! Added composers to a few of the EPCOT loops again. Added track times to the Living Seas loop, thanks to an e-mail from April! In the Disneyland Rivers of America loop, almost all the song title gaps were filled in, thanks to an e-mail from Brian. And... we have two brand new loops up! I added one for Lights of Winter (the big Christmas light rig at EPCOT) in the Future World section, as well as tracks from the music loop at Animal Kingdom Lodge, circa 2002, both thanks to list scans from Frank! I sat down in Hollywood Pictures Backlot at DCA a couple of weeks ago and started writing down track listings, so keep an eye out for that list coming soon!

Sorry it's been so long since the last update! Life got in the way. ;) Looots of little tiny things updated in this one. Added a lot of composer details to some of the EPCOT lists, as well as a couple of CD releases, with a huge thanks to Frank for providing the song list scans! Also added is a CD release for one of the Innooventions Plaza tracks, thanks to Snoopy, and track times for the Sunset Boulevard loop, thanks again to dw!! Last but not least, I added some CD releases for the Tokyo Disney loops for the New Main Entrance, World Bazaar, and Critter Country. I have a couple more new loops to add, as well, so I'll get those up soon! Thanks, and please keep that great info coming!

Got a few little updates here:
-Added a few CD/LP titles on the Tokyo Disney Old Entrance loop page, as well as one on the Mediterranean Harbor page!
-Added CD Links/artists on the WDW Dixie Landings Resort Page, as well as a couple of links on the Sunset Boulevard loop - thanks to Frank for the e-mail!

A big update, with many thanks to a helpful email for passing along a very large list of Tokyo Disney Resort loops!! Thank you, thank you!

All the links are now up! Hooray! And since it is now 4 am, I think it's bedtime for me. ;) Thanks for 2,000 hits, everyone!!

Added the Adventureland Bridge Area Music loop to WDW's Magic Kingdom section!

Added a new loop this time, as well as a few additions to existing loops!
-Added the Pirates Cove BGM loop to Disneyland Resort Paris, thanks to the members at
-Added a couple of CDs available for the Soarin' Over California and Condor Flats loops, thanks to thx99 at the boards
-Fixed the song order for the Food Rocks queue, thanks to a very helpful email from Matthew
Another update, again, with big thanks to dw!! Added a little more information to both the new and old GMR loops, as well as the Disney-MGM Studios Entrance loop. Also, made a correction to the old WDW Tomorrowland loop as well as dates and track times.

Got a little update here, thanks to a helpful e-mail from dw!!! Added information on some of the tracks in the Disney-MGM Studios Entrance Music and current Great Movie Ride loops. Enjoy!

Another update! A couple of corrections to the WDW Resort TV loop, and the correct version of the MuppetVision 3D lobby BGM have been updated, thanks to another helpful e-mail! Thanks, and keep em comin', guys! :D In addition, I added a bunch more links for the rest of the Epcot loops, and most of the Disney-MGM Studios loops. And I fixed a little error in the Fantasmic! loop.

Well, I'm finally getting around to all those links I promised! I went through a lot of them today. Finished the Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Animal Kingdom, and most of EPCOT. Then Amazon started giving me errors, so I'll have to finish another time. In any case, I tried to be careful about what I linked to. To the best of my knowledge, they are the same versions as heard in the parks. If I didn't know, I didn't link it. However, I may be incorrect in some of them, so if I am linking to a CD with the wrong version, please let me know so that people don't buy the wrong CD! Once I get done with the Amazon links, I'll go ahead and start on the iTunes. Happy listening!

Added a new loop to Resorts, the WDW Today TV channel loop, thanks to disneyphilip at Magical Music of the Mouse! Also, I added a partial of the EPCOT Christmas Loop to the partial loop list. Please help fill it in if you can! Finally, the site had its 1000th visitor today. Thanks, everyone, for the support!

Added three new loops for Magellan's Restaurant at Tokyo Disney Sea, King Triton's Carousel at Disney's California Adventure, and the Hall of Presidents at WDW's Magic Kingdom. A big thank you to Eric for passing those along!! We now have reached exactly 100 loops! Thanks!

Added run times for the Condor Flats loop.

Added a page for partially-completed loops. These are loops that I don't consider complete enough to add to all the listings, but all they need is a little more work. If anyone has any further information on these loops, lease e-mail me so we can get them finished off!

Added WDW and DL Forever track information, and a link to

Lots of little WDW things in this update:
-Dates for a wide variety of loops
-Artists for Wonders of Life, Maelstrom, Norway, Food Rocks Queue, Sunset Boulevard
-More accurate location for the Mexico loop
-Artist and album info added for HISTK Movie Playset and Ft. Wilderness
-Added these new WDW loops: Coral Reef Restaurant BGM, Tower of Terror Area Music, Dinoland USA Area Music, and It's Tough to Be a Bug Queue Music
-Added a couple of new links

Added all Walt Disney World loops, and provided a guesstimated date for Aladdin's Oasis BGM.

Added all Disneyland Resort Paris and Tokyo Disneyland Resort loops, as well as the loop for DL's Haunted Mansion Holiday queue 2003.

Added all Disneyland Resort loops!

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