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Wonders of Life Area Music

Dates: October 19, 1989 - present
Total Run Time: 60:00

Track Title Time Artist CD iTunes
1 Summer Shuffle 4:22 Checkfield Distant Thunder
2 Wild Kids 4:11 David Benoit Urban Daydreams Wild Kids
3 Behind the Waterfall 3:28 David Lanz and Paul Speer Natural States Paul Speer
4 Biomass 2:33 Vic Sepanski (Omnimusic link)
5 Grasslands 3:51 Checkfield Through the Lens
6 Forgotten Yesterdays 3:30 Yanni Keys to Imagination Forgotten Yesterdays
7 Celestial Soda Pop 4:42 Ray Lynch Deep Breakfast Celestial Soda Pop
8 Hide and Seek 2:02 Doug Wood (Omnimusic link)
9 Sundial 3:30 Checkfield Distant Thunder
10 The Oh of Pleasure 5:22 Ray Lynch Deep Breakfast The Oh of Pleasure
11 Cirque Du Soleil Ouverture 2:27 Cirque Du Soleil Cirque du Soleil: Collection
12 Leapfrog 1:58 Doug Wood (Omnimusic link)
13 Carousel (A Day in the Park) 6:10 Checkfield Distant Thunder
14 Looking Glass 6:35 Yanni Keys to Imagination Looking Glass
15 Icarus Christian Buehner and Helge Schroeder Night Flight

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