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Biergarten BGM

Dates: October 1, 1982 - present
Total Run Time: 60:00

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 Clarinet Polka
2 Edelweiss
3 Gypsy Life
4 If the Rhine Water Were Golden Wine
5 Mack the Knife
6 Minuet in G
7 Must I Bid Farewell
8 O Du Lieber Augustin
9 Schubert's Serenade
10 Two Hearts in Three-Quarter Time
11 Ziguener
12 Auf Wiederseh'n
13 Bavarian Laendler
14 Beer Waltz
15 By the Waterfall
16 Cabaret
17 Bie Brotzeit Polka
18 Drink! Drink! Come Brother, Drink!
19 Lilli Marlene
20 Mozart Symphony #40
21 Night Life
22 The Happy Wanderer
23 True Love
24 Untern Linden
25 Willkommen
26 Wunderbar

NOTE: The songs listed above are in alphabetical order. If anyone knows the order in which they are played, please let me know!

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