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Maelstrom Queue Music

Dates: July 5, 1988 - present
Total Run Time: 30:00

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 Fossegrimen, Fanitullen Johan Halvorsen
2 Maskarade Suite Johan Halvorsen
3 Norsk Dans Reidar Thommessen
4 Norske Fjelltoner E. Storbekken
5 Rorosingen Sven Nyhus
6 Smorligraen, Springleik
7 Telemarkssommar Sigmund Groven
8 Borddans
9 Fakkeldans Rikard Nordraak
10 Fiskartrall E. Storbekken
11 Fossegrimen Johan Halvorsen
12 Maskarade Suite, Molinasque Johan Halvorsen
13 Prinsesse Maigull Sigmund Groven
14 Purpose
15 Vals Fra Ottadalen Etter Lars Haugtredet Lars Haugtredet

NOTE: The above listed songs are in alphabetical order. If you know the order they are played in, please let me know!

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