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United Kingdom Area Music

Dates: October 1, 1982 - present
Total Run Time: 28:00

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 Beatles Medley
2 Berkeley Square
3 Come Away
4 Fairest Isle
5 Folk Medley
6 Gilbert & Sullivan Medley
7 Greensleeves
8 Halfway Down the Stairs
9 Handel in the Strand
10 How Deep is Your Love
11 London Pride
12 Miller of the Dee
13 Minuet
14 Mixed Medley
15 Music Hall Medley
16 Noel Coward Medley
17 Nymphs & Shepherds
18 Pastoral Dance
19 Pirates of Penzance
20 Shall I Sue
21 Shepherd's Dance
22 Soldiers of the Queen
23 Someday I'll Find You
24 The Boyfriend
25 UK Medley
26 We'll Gather Lilacs

NOTE: The above songs are listed in alphabetical order. If anyone knows the order in which they are played, please let me know!

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