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Animal Kingdom Lodge Area Music

Dates: 2002
Total Run Time:

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 Go Ralom Telek Serious Tam
2 Balamaris Telek Serious Tam
3 Talaigu Telek Serious Tam
4 Africa Obota Khadja Nin Ya...
5 Embargo Khadja Nin Ya...
6 Like an Angel Khadja Nin Ya...
7 Mama Khadja Nin Ya...
8 Mzee Mandela Khadja Nin Ya...
9 Aliou Wara Nakodje Nakodje
10 Nana Nakodje Nakodje
11 Bring Back Music Samite Stars to Share
12 Cradle With Love Samite Stars to Share
13 Esawayo Samite Stars to Share
14 Having a Good Time Samite Stars to Share
15 Night Stories Samite Stars to Share
16 C On Vieux Diop Afrika Wassa
17 Mom's Jam Vieux Diop Afrika Wassa
18 Nio Koto Koba Vieux Diop Afrika Wassa
19 Dala Ayub Ogada African Voices [Narada]
20 Ekibobo Samite African Voices [Narada]
21 Kothbiro Ayub Ogada African Voices [Narada]
22 Ngak Lucky Diop African Voices [Narada]
23 Ondiek Ayub Ogada African Voices [Narada]
24 Tatenda Kevin Nathaniel African Voices [Narada]
25 Wasuze Otya? Samite African Voices [Narada]

NOTE: The above tracks are not in the order in which they are played. If anyone knows the order in which they ar played, it is much appreciated!

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