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Ft. Wilderness Lodge Area Music

Total Run Time:

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 Ride to Ft. Hays John Barry Dances With Wolves: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
2 The Big Country Jerome Moross The Big Country
3 Billy the Kid - Movement 1 (Open Prairie) Aaron Copland
4 Siyo Tanka Tim Crawford and Paul Stavenjord Guardian Spirits
5 The Wild Ride Elmer Bernstein The Magnificent Seven
6 Creation
7 Buffalo Hunt John Barry Dances With Wolves: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
8 How the West Was Won Alfred Newman How the West Was Won
9 Billy the Kid - Movement II (Open Prairie) Aaron Copland
10 The Last of the Mohicans The Last Of The Mohicans: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
11 Duel in the Sun Dimitri Tiomkin Duel in the Sun
12 Prairie Nights Bill Frisell Have a Little Faith
13 Top of the World Richard Carpenter and John Bettis
14 Silverado Bruce Broughton Silverado: Original Motion Picture Sound Track
15 Grand Panorama Ferde Grofe Grand Canyon Suite
16 Buckaroo Holiday Aaron Copland Copland: Rodeo/Billy The Kid
17 Wyatt Earp James Newton-Howard Wyatt Earp
18 On the Trail Ferde Grofe Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite/Gershwin: Porgy and Bess-A Symphonic Picture
19 The Map is Real... and on Fire Marc Shaiman City Slickers 2: the Legend of Curly's Gold
20 Wagon Chase James Newton-Howard Wyatt Earp
21 Bunkhouse Mark Isham Of Mice and Men: Original Motion Picture Score
22 Field of Dreams James Horner Field Of Dreams: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
23 Appalachian Spring Ballet Aaron Copland
24 Earth Day Joe Roccisano The Shape I'm In
25 Sand Creek Memories How the West Was Won
26 Dodge City Dodge City
27 The Wave Randy Edelman Disney's Angels In The Outfield: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
28 The Heiress Suite Aaron Copland The Heiress
29 Appalacian Morning Paul Winter Consort Earth: Voices of a Planet

NOTES: Some of the tracks above are not listed on their respective CDs (particularly when the track name is the same as the name of the film) - could they actually be a different track on the CD, or a main theme/title? Also, there appear to be two different versions of this loop. The above comes from Guest Relations lists, but does not appear to match the music currently played. If you have more info, please let me know!

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