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Liberty Tree Tavern BGM

Total Run Time:

Track Title Time Artist CD
1 Greensleeves
2 With a Down
3 Trio Sonata B-Flat
4 Concoction, Welcome Friends
5 Piacevole
6 Gavotte/Minuet Bouree, Piece Pour Guitare
7 Allegro
8 How Great is the Pleasure
9 Vivace
10 Dlugoraj, Part 1
11 Welcome, Welcome, Every Guest
12 La Majeste/Grace/Vaillance
13 Since First I Saw Your Face
14 In the Delightful, Pleasant Groves
15 La Vigilance/Gaillardise/Douceur
16 Dlugoraj, Part 2
17 Matona, Lovely Maiden
18 Three Pieces for Harp
19 He That Will an Ale House Keep
20 Pavane, Concert
21 Coletta
22 Trio in D Major, Andante
23 Five Reasons/Which is the Propest Way to Drink
24 Largo
25 Besard
26 Three Hungarian Folk Songs
27 La Tranquillite
28 Sophia
29 L'Armement
30 To Our Musical Club
31 Affetuoso
32 Now We Are Met

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